Twelfth Of Never

Hello there!

I am the type of guy who generally has a substantial amount of thought in his head...except I don't vocalize them..and have no where to put them all.
I'm not one for jotting my findings in a note-pad either, so i thought i might as well just dump them here :)!

Hating them or loving them doesn't matter, good banter is always appreciated, i'd just like somewhere to throw down whats been swimming in my head!

What Guys Look For In Girls

My mother used to tell me a saying that her parents had told her as a kid: 10 children playing together can not play forever.

She then explained that the meaning behind it was that unfortunately not all the friends that you grow up with will remain the friends you have.
Well a decade has passed on since I started my second level school days, and I’ve made some and also lost many friends.

But I’m happy to say that the four closest friends I have, I’ve known for 10 years. That to me will be one of my greatest accomplishments in life.

I find myself at lengths letting the water fall endlessly from my body.
Watching as the currents try to wash away the filth,
and pool at the bottom of my feet.
Draining slowly into the darkened crevice.

My morning routines becoming just that.
The thick steam signalling that it is at an end.
I have to look forward to the rest of the day.

As I find my way through the fog the face that stares from inside cannot meet my eyes.
We are black and white.

And so we sat
Me and my clown
As the waves crashed upon the sand
“With such a beautiful view
Why do you stare
Down at your hands?
At this very moment you choose to be sorrowful?

Why is my clown sad and crying?
Is it because times are getting harder
And feeding is scarce for the hungry?
Is it the lack of care and interest in the planet?
Is it maybe because the seasons have changed
And the wind whispers ‘winter is coming’?”

My clown looked at me with such sadness in his eyes,
And though his tears had fallen so freely,
His painted face stayed on.

“This world has charmed me with all of it’s beauty
And all of it’s poison.
I’ve come to terms with this circus of a life we live,
I’m used to walking on it’s unstable line.
No, I weep for my brothers and sisters
And the burdens that bare down on our shoulders.

A clown has the task of cheering up the ill and dying.
On top of that, half the world think of me insane,
The others are scared I’ll cause them pain.
When the tears of a clown run down his cheeks,
Who is there to see him into a better state of mind?”

The moon floats like a gleaming pearl above the trees
Whom whisper to one another, shaking crisp green leaves
In the chilled midnight breeze.

The glowing orb is just out of arms reach
But admiring it from a distance
Is just as pleasing.

The only other sound for miles around
Are the padded feet of a shadow far behind.

Another lonely soul.

The pavement, dimly lit by towering light posts,
Twists and turns its way like a concrete serpent.
Leading the way with menacing smiles permanently etched into its eroding face.

The darkness isn’t so dense, but the silence is welcoming.
A blanket to cover any that are willing to wrap themselves around it.
It lifts and suspends me high above these roof tops
And everything else is lost in this moment.

Everything else becomes irrelevant.

The troubles that plague us when day-light breaks
Are washed away in the night.
When dreams become our escape;
Our new reality.

It’s in the her,
It’s in the me,
In her smile, the shape it makes effortlessly,
it’s in the way her hair flows when teasing the wind,
Long ringlets of glowing colours that rival the sun on the horizon.

It’s in the way she talks,
Or looks at me,
Deep blues I seem to drown in.
Those shimmering sapphires make the twinkling sky obsolete.
It’s in how she’s still there when i close my eyes.
How she’s as i remember but still not the same.
She renders me incomplete.

It’s in the way she walks away,
And how hard I try not to watch her leave.
It’s in the laughter that she wants to hide,
The same laughter I want to hear day by day.
It’s in the time spent together,

Together we suspend time.
It’s in the seconds that count when she’s away,
Ticking, one after another in the background.

It’s in the way she haunts my dreams,
And just as often saves me from my nightmares.
It’s in the way it never ends.